Oriundo takes as its starting point an ethical conscience about food:


As a community project, we bring together professionals from diverse disciplines to identify, preserve, and propagate native and naturalized ingredients from our surrounding environment.



Indulge our monthly culinary experience offering at Cocina Abierta

6 course Omnivore Tasting Menu by Chef Martín Louzao

Argentinian native Martin Louzao, since childhood showed his passion for the kitchen by self-teaching himself with cookbooks. His curiosity led the way onto various countries and cuisines worldwide, which allowed him to create a cosmopolitan culinary style.
At the early age of 18, his academic journey began at the School of Culinary Arts Gato Dumas, Argentina. In order to enrich his knowledge in haute cuisine and complement it with a career in Management and Marketing, he continued studies at the Maussi Sebes Institute and the Ecole Lenotre in Paris with Albert Adrià, among other prominent chefs.
After touring European and Latin American cuisines, the warm and picturesque Puerto Rico brought him back to San Juan, where he and his partner established Cincosentidos Culinary Group, earning countless foodie fans and winning plentiful awards over the years.

Pairing by Michi Negrón

Michi specializes in communicating organic, biodynamic, and natural wine as a cultural, social, and agricultural product. Born in Puerto Rico, she’s a teacher, translator, and interpreter with nearly 2 decades of life in Europe, and 4 languages as testament. In 2010, she begins her journey as an energetic winestoryteller, focusing on small producers that make wine in off-the-beaten-path regions. She has experience in every segment of the market: winemaking, import-export, distribution, communication, education, writing, retail, service, event planning and consulting. She specializes in creating wine lists and pairings for Cocina Abierta, Oriundo, private events, as well as for local and international chefs. She firmly (and loudly) believes that wine should not be snobbish, elitist, or intimidating, and works hard to make sure guests experience wine as accessible, understandable, fun, that it speaks to us about where it’s from and also has a positive impact on our planet. She lived in the Priorat (Spain) for 7 years and in 2019 began a three-vintage journey making her own wine,Flash Wine for Light, in solidarity with Puerto Rico (by donating to ConPRmetidos). Above all else, she loves to educate about the wine world she has been a part of for the last 13 years. In her free time, she trains, rediscovers Puerto Rico, listens to music and drinks Champagne…the last two usually at the same time.

Located at Atelier Cocina Abierta



We integrate professionals from various disciplines to identify native and naturalized ingredients from our immediate surroundings, in order to preserve and propagate them.

Raimundo Espinoza

Founder and Executive Director for Conservación ConCiencia. 
He has extensive experience in coral reef conservation and management and has closely collaborated with commercial fishers, local NGOs, and Governments across the Caribbean and Latin America in creating unique opportunities to further conservation actions on the ground and sea. Conservación ConCiencia is a Puerto Rico based non-profit organization dedicated to environmental research and conservation that promotes sustainable development by working in collaboration with communities, NGOs, governments, academia and the private sector.

Antonio Muñiz

Cervecería del Callejón
He began brewing beers at home by 2005 while doing a Master's degree in Sociology at the University of Colorado-Denver. But it was not around 5 years ago that he focused and made the move to "all grain brewing" or processing using only 1 grain (barley, wheat, rye, corn, etc). He worked for 2 years at BarleyHaven.com, an online and physical store that sold beer products. This experience and having been part of a beer club gave him the opportunity to voluntarily help in several breweries. The combination of these two experiences helped him acquire certain knowledge that practically helps to develop beer recipes. One of his recipes, “Yellow Sky Saison”, was selected as “Best in Show” in a competition organized by Joyride Brewing of Edgewater, CO. After that, Joyride invited him to make 10 Barrels of this beer in September 2017, and it was served both in his taproom and in others in the area. At the moment, he is developing a 3-barrel brewery in Old San Juan, Cervecería del Callejón.

Cruz M. Ortiz-Cuadra

Historian and renowned specialist in the subject of the history of food
He is the author of the book Puerto Rico en la Olla: ¿Somos aún lo que comimos? (2006), publication awarded by the Puerto Rico PEN, and Eating Puerto Rico: A History of Food, Culture and Identity (2013). Founder of the interdisciplinary study group on Food Intelligence food, and independent consultant in food studies. In 2018 he was incorporated as a (Académico de Número) Number Scholar to the Puerto Rican Academy of History. He is a retired professor at the University of Puerto Rico, Humacao Campus and currently serves as a guest professor in the Interdisciplinary Studies program of the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus. In addition, he belongs to the Board of Directors of the Visit Rico organization.

Mildred Cortés

Agricultural economist 
She has experience as a leader in research projects related to production costs, marketing of agricultural products, agricultural budgets, agricultural projections, and analysis of agricultural companies and perspectives. Apart from that, she’s also a collaborator in research projects with related topics. Author of arbitrated articles in the Journal of the University of Puerto Rico, other non-arbitrated journals and newspaper articles related to the agricultural sector. Currently, she is a member of the Boards of Directors of National and International Professional Organizations and is a presenter of the podcast, “Desde la EEA”.

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Products made out of native ingredients


In collaboration with Antonio Muñiz from Cervecería del Callejón.


  - Belgian style Saison with Icaco, Anón and Malagueta.: ABV Est: 5.5% -6.0%. It begins with a spicy aroma derived from the Malagueta, with bitter notes imparted by the Anón, transiting soursop and coconut (Icaco character) and a dry finish.


- Pale Ale Belgian style with Passionfruit  and Star fruit, Mosaic and Galaxy hops. ABV Est. 4.80-5.20% ABV. It begins with bitter and acidic notes derived from the Starfruit and Passionfruit, complemented by the use of Mosaic and Galaxy hops, followed by tropical fruit cocktail notes imparted by the yeast used to ferment it and citrus peel notes at the end that remain in the palate.


Garum is a seasoning that was used to replace salt in the kitchens of ancient Greece, Rome & Carthage. In the Westworld, it fell into disuse for many years, while in Asia, its use remained throughout the southeast and it plays an important role in the kitchens of Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia. 

In Oriundo we decided to create our own Tropical Garum in collaboration with the ConservacionConciencia Foundation using small samples of Lionfish that don't have commercial output. This way, we contribute in controlling the population of this invasive breed, we protect coral reefs and other types of marine life, and in times that fishing other species such as the snapper is prohibited, it provides another alternative to fishermen.


Since September 2019, we've showcased about 250 species through hallway illustrations, highlighting our dedication to preserving and promoting ancestral ingredients that shape our local ecosystem.


Celebrating the Caribbean's Culinary Treasure - The Queeen Conch

Throughout this book, we have
explored the fascinating world of
the Queen Conch, delving into its
biology, history, and cultural
significance, as well as its central
role in Caribbean cuisine.

In addition, we have shared a
collection of recipes
that highlight the versatility
and delicate flavor of the Queen