Antonio Muñiz

He began brewing beers at home by 2005 while doing a Master's degree in Sociology at the University of Colorado-Denver. But it was not around 5 years ago that he focused and made the move to "all grain brewing" or processing using only 1 grain (barley, wheat, rye, corn, etc). He worked for 2 years at, an online and physical store that sold beer products. This experience and having been part of a beer club gave him the opportunity to voluntarily help in several breweries. The combination of these two experiences helped him acquire certain knowledge that practically helps to develop beer recipes. One of his recipes, “Yellow Sky Saison”, was selected as “Best in Show” in a competition organized by Joyride Brewing of Edgewater, CO. After that, Joyride invited him to make 10 Barrels of this beer in September 2017, and it was served both in his taproom and in others in the area. At the moment, he is developing a 3-barrel brewery in Old San Juan, Cervecería del Callejón.