takes as its starting point an ethical conscience about food: Biodiversity is life. 

Based on this principle, the link between producers and consumers, technological innovation, the transfer of analysis and interpretation models to producers, and education to consumers, are considered as important and primary goals. 

Likewise, Oriundo proposes to create a dynamic interface in which diverse actors converge with multiple wisdoms to add value to what we used to eat, to what we currently eat, and everything edible that can occur in our natural environment in a sustainable and responsible way.  


We encourage anyone who wishes to collaborate in any way to contact us: info@cocinaabierta.net

Lionfish Garum

Garum is a seasoning that was used to replace salt in the kitchens of ancient Greece, Rome & Carthage. In the Westworld, it fell into disuse for many years, while in Asia, its use remained throughout the southeast and it plays an important role in the kitchens of Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia. 

In Oriundo we decided to create our own Tropical Garum in collaboration with the ConservacionConciencia Foundation using small samples of Lionfish that don't have commercial output. This way, we contribute in controlling the population of this invasive breed, we protect coral reefs and other types of marine life, and in times that fishing other species such as the snapper is prohibited, it provides another alternative to fishermen.

Cerveza Oriundo

Belgian style Saison with Icaco, Anón and Malagueta.: ABV Est: 5.5% -6.0%. It begins with a spicy aroma derived from the Malagueta, with bitter notes imparted by the Anón, transiting soursop and coconut (Icaco character) and a dry finish.


Pale Ale Belgian style with Passionfruit  and Star fruit, Mosaic and Galaxy hops. ABV Est. 4.80-5.20% ABV. It begins with bitter and acidic notes derived from the Starfruit and Passionfruit, complemented by the use of Mosaic and Galaxy hops, followed by tropical fruit cocktail notes imparted by the yeast used to ferment it and citrus peel notes at the end that remain in the palate.

In collaboration with Antonio Muñiz from Cervecería del Callejón.