Plátano mafafo | Banana Mafafo

Plátano mafafo | Banana Mafafo
Common Name:  mafafo
Binomial Nomenclature: Musa paradisiaca
Culinary Use: Fruit - raw or cooked. Dessert forms are sweet and succulent when fully ripe and are widely eaten out of hand, though they are very versatile and are used in a wide variety of other ways.
Medicinal Use: The unripe fruits and their sap are astringent and haemostatic. They are eaten, often roasted, as a treatment for diarrhoea. The fruit is used to treat epilepsy. The peeled and sliced fruit is placed on the forehead to relieve the heat of a headache
Fun Fact: The large leaves are used as plates for eating food. The leaf sheath is used as a temporary binding The juice of the roots is used as a hair tonic.