Lulo | Goldenberry

Lulo | Goldenberry
Lulo | Goldenberry
Scientific Name: Solanum quitoense
Common Names: Naranjilla, Quito Orange, Goldenberry, Naranjilla, Little Orange, Quito Orange, Lulo Fruit
Description: Lulo is a tropical fruit known for its distinctive flavor and appearance. It has a round, greenish-yellow fruit with a bumpy skin, resembling a small orange or lime. The fruit's flesh is green and juicy, with a unique combination of sweet and tangy flavors. 
Distribution: Lulo is native to the Andean region of South America and is primarily grown in countries like Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru. It is also cultivated in some other tropical regions.
Habitat: Lulo plants thrive in warm and humid climates, typically found at higher altitudes in the Andean region. They are often grown in gardens and small farms. 
Culinary Use: Lulo is a versatile fruit used in various culinary applications. It is commonly used to make refreshing juices, smoothies, and beverages due to its tropical and tangy taste. The fruit can also be used in desserts, jams, and sauces. 
Medicinal Use: In traditional medicine, lulo is believed to have various health benefits. It is considered a good source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, which can contribute to overall well-being. 
Fun Fact: Lulo is often called the "Naranjilla" in Spanish, which translates to "little orange," due to its resemblance to small oranges. The fruit's flavor is described as a mix of citrusy notes, including lime and pineapple, making it a unique and delightful addition to culinary experiences. Lulo's popularity has grown beyond its native region, and it is now becoming increasingly recognized and appreciated in international markets for its exotic taste and potential culinary versatility. Lulo is native to the Andean region of South America, particularly Ecuador and Colombia. The fruit has a distinctive orange color and a fuzzy exterior. Lulo is highly prized for its refreshing taste and is considered a favorite ingredient in tropical fruit drinks and desserts.