Jaca | Jackfruit

Jaca | Jackfruit

Jaca | Jackfruit

Scientific Name: Artocarpus heterophyllus 

Common Name: Jackfruit , Nangka, Langka, Panasa, Kanoon, Jaca, Yaca

Description: Jackfruit is a large, tropical fruit that belongs to the mulberry family. It is the largest fruit that grows on a tree, with some jackfruits weighing up to 80 pounds. The fruit has a spiky, greenish-yellow or yellow-brown skin, and its flesh is pale yellow and has a unique, sweet and fruity flavor. 

Distribution: Jackfruit is believed to have originated in the rainforests of India, and it is now grown in various tropical regions around the world, including Southeast Asia, South America, and the Caribbean. 

Habitat: The jackfruit tree thrives in warm and humid climates, and it can be found growing in tropical rainforests, orchards, and home gardens. 

Culinary Use: Jackfruit is an incredibly versatile fruit and is used in both ripe and unripe forms. When ripe, the fruit is sweet and can be eaten fresh or used in desserts, smoothies, and ice creams. When unripe, jackfruit has a meaty and fibrous texture, similar to pulled pork, making it a popular vegan and vegetarian meat substitute in savory dishes like curries, stews, and sandwiches.

 Medicinal Use: In traditional medicine, various parts of the jackfruit tree, including its leaves, roots, and seeds, have been used for their potential medicinal properties. The fruit is a good source of vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber, which can aid in digestion and support overall health. 

Fun Fact: Jackfruit is often referred to as a "miracle crop" because of its ability to produce a significant amount of food with minimal resources. The fruit is also known for its sustainability, as it requires fewer inputs like water and pesticides compared to many other crops. Additionally, jackfruit trees are known for their durability and resilience, making them an important food source in regions with challenging environmental conditions. Jackfruit is the largest fruit that grows on a tree and can reach impressive sizes, weighing up to 80 pounds (36 kg). It is native to South Asia but is now grown in many tropical regions around the world. Jackfruit is often referred to as a "miracle crop" due to its ability to thrive in diverse climates and provide a substantial yield of fruit.

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