Capitán | Jackfish

Capitán  | Jackfish

Capitán  | Jackfish

Scientific Name: Caranx spp.
Common Name: Jackfish
Culinary Use: Jackfish, also known as crevalle jack or horse mackerel, is a popular sportfish and a culinary delight. The firm, flavorful flesh of jackfish makes it suitable for grilling, baking, frying, and smoking. It is commonly used in fish tacos, ceviche, and as a main course fish fillet.
Medicinal Use: Jackfish is primarily consumed for its culinary value and is not recognized for medicinal uses.
Fun Fact: Jackfish are a group of fast-swimming predatory fish found in tropical and subtropical waters worldwide. They are known for their streamlined bodies, sharp teeth, and powerful swimming abilities, making them popular targets for sportfishing enthusiasts.