Cacao | Cacao

Cacao | Cacao
Common Name: Cacao
Binomial Nomenclature: Theobroma cacao
Culinary Use: The dried, fermented and roasted seeds of this plant, called cacao beans, are the source of cocoa, chocolate and cocoa butter. These are widely used in the confectionery industry to made chocolate confections, cakes, ice cream, drinks etc. The somewhat bitter flavour is usually moderated by adding sugar or other sweeteners
Medicinal Use: It is used to stimulate the nervous system, lower blood pressure, dilates the coronary arteries, and soothes and softens damaged skin. 
Fun Fact: Cacao tree also provides other commodities for local use such as fiber for clothing, thread, and paper, wood for construction and implements, etc., and coverings for houses, among many other items.