Atún Aleta Amarilla | Yellowfin Tuna

Atún Aleta Amarilla | Yellowfin Tuna

Common Name: Atún Aleta Amarilla, Yellowfin Tuna

Binomial Nomenclature: Thunnus Albacares

Culinary Use:  It’s more flavorful than albacore, but leaner than bluefin. The meat is bright red in its raw state but, when cooked, turns brown to grayish-tan, firm and moist, with large flakes. Yellowfin is also served raw as sashimi and in sushi. 

Medicinal Use: The anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids can help reduce blood pressure. 

Fun Fact: Ancient Greeks considered this elusive fish a great delicacy and admired it for its large size as well as its fierce fight when caught. The Incas and other South American civilizations along the Pacific favored this same catch, which they called Xatunkama.