Almeja Mercenaria | Quahog

Almeja Mercenaria | Quahog
Common Name: Almeja Mercenaria, Quahog (Hard Clam)
Binomial Nomenclature: Mercenaria mercenaria
Culinary Use: Quahog Clams have tender meats with a mildly sweet flavor and briny accent.chowders, bisques and sauces; and, clam juice.
Medicinal Use: Clams are a low fat, high protein seafood choice with an above average amount of healthful minerals such as selenium, zinc, iron and magnesium and B vitamins like niacin. 
Fun Fact: The name "quahog" comes from the Indian name "poquauhock," meaning horse fish. The Latin name Mercenaria mercenaria is derived from a word that means wages and was given to the quahog due to the Native American use of its purple inner shell, or "wampum," as money and jewelry.