Algarrobo | Carob

Algarrobo | Carob
Common Name: Algarrobo | Stinking Toe | Jatobá | Locust Fruit | Hymenaea Courbaril | Koubari | Carao
Binomial Nomenclature: Hymenaea courbaril
Culinary Use: The fruits are eaten raw or cooked. it has dry, whitish-yellow pulp with sweet flavor. It can be made into ice cream and custards or fermented into an alcoholic beverage. A tea can be made from the bark. 
Medicinal Use: The bark is used in local folk medicine as a cure-all. The leaves, sap, and fruits have medicinal uses as well particularly against coughs, cystitis, hepatitis, prostatitis, bronchitis, anemia, wounds, mouth ulcers, diabetes, etc.
Fun Fact: The wood is used as a fuel and to make charcoal. It is also used as a material for making high class furniture, cabinet, in construction, heavy duty flooring, ship building, etc.