Cerveza Oriundo

In collaboration with Antonio Muñiz from Cervecería del Callejón.


  - Belgian style Saison with Icaco, Anón and Malagueta.: ABV Est: 5.5% -6.0%. It begins with a spicy aroma derived from the Malagueta, with bitter notes imparted by the Anón, transiting soursop and coconut (Icaco character) and a dry finish.


- Pale Ale Belgian style with Passionfruit  and Star fruit, Mosaic and Galaxy hops. ABV Est. 4.80-5.20% ABV. It begins with bitter and acidic notes derived from the Starfruit and Passionfruit, complemented by the use of Mosaic and Galaxy hops, followed by tropical fruit cocktail notes imparted by the yeast used to ferment it and citrus peel notes at the end that remain in the palate.